My Work

Are you looking for a photographer, graphic designer, or web designer? At Dani Roman Creative, we provide digital media services to the Charleston, SC area. If you are visiting the website today, there’s a reason you stopped by. Take a look at my work to see what I can do for you.

I offer full-service digital media services that include professional graphic art, photography, and web design. We can provide you with creative design work, custom digital media services, web design, and photography —– all in one place.


Photography is my biggest passion. My photography gallery displays some of my favorite photos. You can see my creative eye and love for animals in my animal portraits. There’s also a collection of photos from around Charleson. If you need a photographer to capture a special event, take a look through my gallery or click on the image below to see some of my work.

Black and white photo of black and white cat laying on the bed looking at the camera.

Graphic Design

As a graphic designer, I can create print-quality brochures, business cards, posters, invitations, or other print (or web) graphics for your business or special event. Finding the right graphic designer to create your design can be challenging. You need someone who has skills, creativity and listens to you. Check out my graphic design work to see some samples of designs I have created for my clients.

Middleton Place
Photo of two large tan draft horses running with the words the stables at Middleton place above and Charleston SC on the bottom right hand corner of the photo.

Web Design

There’s more to web design than having a pretty website. A website that is full of bloated code, can load slow and turn off potential customers. I have built more websites than I care to count. This experience has helped me to create not only professional-looking websites but websites you can count on to perform well. With my creative skills, combined with my technical experience, I can create a professional quality website that not only looks good but is fast and responsive. Take a look at some of my favorite websites to see what I can do for you. Home Page
iMac computer showing home page for with photos of blueberries and a small tan dog. iMac is sitting on a sky blue backdrop.